The painter Rumen Sazdov, who was born in Bulgaria and is now based in Prague, cites traditional Christian subjects from art history as formative influences, and these combine with Modern ones to form something spectacular. In addition to his Fauvist palette, pointillist daubs and the occasional expressionist brushstroke, Cubism clearly exerts the greatest influence in his wondrously composed, dynamic canvases. His bold, flowing figurative geometries, with their bold tones and manipulations of depth and flatness belong very firmly to the lineage of lyrical Cubism.


Each oil canvas is rooted in representation, even if the color fields surrounding central figures swirl abstractly or, conversely, a familiar, detailed setting explodes with bright rectilinear forms. Sazdov assembles his arresting images with strong, thick borders around triangles, rectangles and trapezoids of strong, sharply contrasting hues. Compositions pitting warm oranges against lush greens or searing reds crisscrossed by deep blues create gripping tensions that set the carefully deconstructed images ablaze. The separating out of subjects into discrete geometric parts accentuates the power of Sazdov’s exquisite color collisions.


© Rumen Sazdov